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007 James Bond Pinball Machine - Scuba Kick Mod (Stern) - Single

007 James Bond Pinball Machine - Scuba Kick Mod (Stern) - Single

007 James Bond Pinball Machine - Scuba Kick Mod (Stern)

The 007 Bond Scuba Kick Mod is a new enhancement for the Stern 007 James Bond Pinball. This mod replaces the existing left underwater eject which produces random and undesirable effects. 

Features at a glance:

  • Left Underwater Eject Replacement Mod - Fully Reversable
  • Chromed 3mm Steel Wireform
  • Etched 2mm Stainless Steel Plate - Gun Barrel Design 
  • Custom modified VUK bracket
  • Cleanly and consistently returns the ball to the left flipper
  • Simple to Install
  • Designed for all models Pro, Premium and Limited Edition

This mod replaces the existing left underwater eject which produces random and undesirable effects including:

  • Continuous rebounds back into the same eject causing boredom,
  • Unfair SDTM bounces,
  • Added playfield wear and
  • Randomly earns you progress in the game, taking control away from the player and generally stealing fun.


The Scuba Kick Mod solves all of these problems while cleanly and consistently returning the ball to the left flipper via a dynamic upkick that travels through an exciting 180 degree turn pipe that drops onto the existing left wireform return. The Scuba Kick balances the return paths to the flippers.

Without the Mod, there is one return to the left flipper, yet there are 4 shots that need to be made from the left flipper, 2 of these start modes. The right flipper has three returns to it, and has 3 main shots, but none of these start modes. By adding the extra return to the left flipper the game requires less flipper work to pass to the desired flipper and creates a more even and enjoyable experience especially for newer players to pinball.

The Scuba Kick Mod not only improves the game, but it actually looks great as well. This is a James Bond Pinball after all.  The new fully chromed wireform out of the depths mimics the existing wireform out of the DB5, complementing the look and feel of the game. It looks like it was always part of the original design. It’s also built to last. Not only is the wireform made out of the same 3mm wire and hand crafted and welded, it mounts on a new stainless steel plate which is etched to show  the gun barrel design used in the iconic opening sequence of every Bond film. Nothing is left to chance with this mod, the existing VUK bracket with the deflector pointing up the playfield is being replaced by a custom modified VUK bracket where the deflector is removed. Simple to install, the Scuba Kick will include all the parts required, will take 10 minutes to install, guided by comprehensive instructions and is totally reversible within minutes.

Rigorously play tested on a Pro machine, this is designed for all models Pro, Premium and Limited Edition. We have just completed the first Scuba Kick Mod run which was limited to 100.

Player Feedback

"FYI, Love this mod. Last weekend was It Never Drains Southern California (INDISC). During the twitch stream of one of the tournaments, they had a Bond Pro, unmodified. These top tier players where shaking the machine like crazy on the scuba exit just stop SDTM drains. My buddy, who was down there texted me and admitted that now he understood why I like it so much." - Pinside Member DavidCPA

"Ok, so after a few games, here it is. This mod is literally a "game changer". Bond plays so much better with the wireform return. And it's just cool when you get a double eject from the db5 and scuba at the same time! Lots of opportunities to make shots now that weren't there before. And, it seems to speed up the pace of play. Instead of the ball kicking out, bouncing around and going who knows where (back into the scoop ), it feeds the flipper and you're in control again. Sooooo much better!" - Pinside Member CoolCatPinball

"Absolutely love the mod. Easily, one of the best I have ever purchased! Only had time to play two quick games but I can already tell it will be a massive improvement!

Thanks again for your creativity and ingenuity. That combined with the phenomenal communication from start to finish has made the experience phenomenal." - Pinside Member Matt68061

We are taking pre-orders now for our second run - Do not miss this one!

Pre-order here -

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